Abate, Nicolo dell' (c.1509-71)

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Abate, Nicolo dell' (c.1509-71)
Nicolo dell' Abate was an Italian painter and sculptor born in Modena around 1509. He was a pupil of the famous painter Francesco Francia and later worked in the studio of Giulio Romano in Mantua. Abate was known for his frescoes, altarpieces, and portraits, which were characterized by their vibrant colors and dynamic compositions. He was also a skilled sculptor, creating works in marble and bronze. Abate's most famous works include the frescoes in the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara and the altarpiece in the church of San Giovanni in Monte in Bologna. He died in Bologna in 1571. Abate's work was highly influential in the development of Mannerism, a style of art characterized by exaggerated poses and complex compositions.

Assets (64 in total)

The Abduction of Proserpine (oil on canvas)
The transportation of the horse under the walls of Troy from Aeneid, Canto II (fresco)
Turnus soldiers attack the Trojan field, from Aeneid, Canto VII (fresco)
Aeneas comforted by god Tiber, from Aeneid, Canto VII, detail of 2384668 (fresco)
Portrait of a man, presumably Ercole II d'Este (oil on canvas)
Eros and Psyche, 16th century (oil on canvas)
Crucifixion with the Virgin, Mary Magdalene and St. John the Evangelist
Turnus' death from Aeneid, Canto XII, detail of 2384677 (fresco)
Turnus and his allies, from Aeneid, Canto VII, detail of 2384664 (fresco)
Hercules and Cerberus (fresco)
Scenes of the Aeneid, detail of 2384648 (fresco)
Matteo Maria Boiardo writing his poem (fresco)

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