Key Features

Key Features

Bridgeman Education offers a unique and flexible way to search over 8,000 locations covering the world’s major museums, art collections and historical sites, providing access to over 3 Million images - all copyright-cleared for educational use - through a single website. 


The Benefits

This benefits the institution in two key ways:

Firstly, the terms of the subscription allows for any educational use for

enrolled staff and students within an institution,

Secondly, the search and retrieval functions offer more advantages

and flexibility for tutors and students – the emphasis being on

simplicity, rapid scholarly access and easy organisation.

There are several ways to use the site in order to get the most out of the resource.


Searching for images:
Bridgeman Education offers ‘Quick and Advanced’ search options, similarly to our commercial site, yet searches are tailored to educational needs.

The following search functions are available:

 • Boolean search

• "Bound" and (bracketed) phrasing

• Negative searches

• The ability to hyperlink through keywords on your results page

• See various options on the advanced search page

• Please see our ‘Searching’ page for more details.

Saving & Retrieving images:
Bridgeman Education offers total flexibility; displayed images will comprise a working selection (or lightbox), which can then be given a name and saved as a ‘Slideshow’.

Slideshows offer non-proprietary software, meaning that images can be saved as JPEGs and incorporated into any software (such as PowerPoint).  Your subscription also allows you to save images to a VLE – a virtual learning environment or Learning Platform (LP).

You can save and retrieve as many slideshows as you like from the site by simply inserting a username and password.

If you forget the name of your slideshow you can retrieve it by clicking on the "Reload an existing slideshow" icon at the top right-hand corner of each page.

Bridgeman Education allows several images to be displayed across a single page at thumbnail size with brief captions.  Search results can be sorted according to different criteria such as; relevance, artist, date and location.

To view and download the larger version of an image simply click on the thumbnail and a new page will open with captions, keywords and further information.

Other features are:

• Pictures can be moved within a slideshow – re-ordering the display sequence

• Captions can be added and edited to accompany the images
- summary/notes area included beside each slide show

• Ability to see two, three or four images side by side for comparison

• Zoom function incorporated – details can be examined up close

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