Aelst, Willem van (1626-83)

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Aelst, Willem van (1626-83)

Assets (26 in total)

A still life with grapes, plums, figs and a melon on a partly draped stone ledge, 1653 (oil on canvas)
Still life with flowers (oil on panel)
Flower Still Life with a Timepiece, 1663 (oil on canvas)
Still Life with a Roemer, 1659 (oil on canvas)
The Bag, 1679 (oil on canvas)
Still Life with Grapes and Peaches (oil on panel)
Still Life with Grapes, 1677 (oil on canvas)
Still life of plums, peaches, almonds and grapes on a draped ledge, 1650 (oil on canvas)
Flowers in a silver vase with a snail and a butterfly
Vanitas Flower Still Life, c.1656-1657 (oil on canvas)
Still Life of a Hare, a partridge and hunting equipment hanging above a marble ledge
Still-life of fruit

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