Zick, Januarius (1730-97)

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Zick, Januarius (1730-97)

Assets (9 in total)

The Remy Family in Bendorf near Koblenz, 1776 (oil on canvas)
Shepherd and Shepherdess (oil on panel)
Elijah, on his Knees, Invoking the Lord to Resurrect the Son of the Shunamite Widow (oil on canvas)
Saul and the Witch of Endor, 1753 (oil on canvas)
Ceiling Design
The Circumcision of Christ, after 1751 (oil on canvas)
The descent of the cross, 18th century (oil on canvas)
The Resurrection Of Lazarus. (Lazare De Bethanie), c.1793 (oil on canvas)
Jacob Meets Rachel At The Well, 1774 (oil on canvas)

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