Ziesenis, Johann Georg (1716-76)

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Ziesenis, Johann Georg (1716-76)

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Frederick II the Great (1712-86) (oil on canvas)
Frederick II the Great of Prussia, c.1770 (oil on panel)
Frederick, Count of Schaumburg-Lippe-Buckeburg, 1759 (oil on canvas)
Queen Charlotte (1744-1818) when Princess Sophie Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, c.1761 (oil on canvas)
Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, 1759 (oil on canvas)
Last scene of the “Père de famille” by Denis Diderot - fac simile - engraving after a drawing by Ziesenis, Coutellier, in “Histoire generale illustree du theatre””, 1933
Portrait of Frederic II of Prussia The King of Prussia Frederic II of Prussia called Frederic the Great was an enlighter despot carrying the ideals of the Century of Light, 1769 (oil on canvas)
Cinera Cum Flore, 1613 (colour engraving)
Frederick II of Prussia (Frederick the Great 1712-1786) king of Prussia in 1740-1786, painting by Johann Georg Ziesenis
Duke Charles II, William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1735-1806)
Portrait of Stadholder William V, 1768-69 (oil on canvas)
Charles, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick-Luneburg, 1759 (oil on canvas)

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