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Andy Warhol photographed, Milan, Italy, 1986
Andy Warhol signing some copies of the catalogue
American artist Andy Warhol among his works in 1978 (b/w photo)
Portrait of American artist Andy Warhol reading a newspaper surrounds his works on 22/07/1978 (photo)
American artist Andy Warhol made banana serigraphies for Velvet Underground debut album, 1966 Factory New York (b/w photo)
Andy Warhol watching a model
A man watching the painting The Last Supper by Andy Warhol
portrait of the artist Andy Warhol, c.1985 (0104694)
Portrait of Andy Warhol posing with a phone in his workshop The Factory in NY, 1966 (b/w photo)
American artist Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola Jr. ) posing with two dominican fathers in front of his painting The Last Supper inspired by Leonardo's fresco. Milan, January 1987, Palazzo delle Stelline
Gillo Dorfles attending Andy Warhol's exhibition
Andy Warhol photographed, Milan, Italy, 1986

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