Zvorykin, Boris Vasilievich (1872-1942)

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Zvorykin, Boris Vasilievich (1872-1942)

Assets (45 in total)

The only session of the All-Russian Constituent Assembly held in Petrograd on 18th January 1918 (colour litho)
A celebration of the Third International in Moscow The Third Internationa (drawing)
Russian postcard celebrating the February Revolution, which caused the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II, 1917
Illustration for the Fairy Tale Marya Morevna (Maria des Mers), c.1925 (lithograph)
Snegourotchka (or Snegourka, the snow girl), c.1925 (lithograph)
Russia: female agent of the Russian revolutionary cheka, 1914 (litho)
Red Army soldiers carrying out an armed requisition in a village, Russian Civil War, 1918 (colour litho)
Young soldier of the Red Army, Russian Civil War (colour litho)
Detainee being led to a Soviet revolutionary tribunal (colour litho)
Soldiers of the Soviet Red Army (colour litho)
Peasants demonstrating in rural Soviet Russia (colour litho)
A Soviet commissar (colour litho)

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