Zwecker, Johann Baptist (1814-76)

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Zwecker, Johann Baptist (1814-76)

Assets (12 in total)

Animals taking Refuge from a Prairie Fire (engraving)
The Wolf - 'The noble sacrifice'
The Sumatra Rhinoceros at the Zoological Society's Gardens (engraving)
Illustrations of
The Chamois - 'The Chamois hunter's hunting ground'
Musk Deer (engraving)
Proof print entitled Characteristic Mammals of Borneo, for The Geographical Distribution of Animals by Alfred Russell Wallace, 1876 (engraving)
Alligator from Sumatra, for the Brighton Aquarium (engraving)
The Ostrich - 'Sailing under false colours'
A Steeplechase (engraving)
Group of Animals lately received at the Gardens of the Zoological Society, Regent's Park (engraving)
The Babirussa, recently added to the Zoological Society's Gardens, Regent's Park (engraving)

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