Yrondy, Charles Gaston (1885-1960)

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Yrondy, Charles Gaston (1885-1960)

Assets (29 in total)

Abduction of a young offender (litho)
Crashed airship of Alberto Santos-Dumont in Paris (colour litho)
The Russian Imperial Family (colour litho)
The tragic death of Colonel de Savignac (colour litho)
A balloon landing on a warship (colour litho)
Bravery of a child (colour litho)
The Paris-Berlin motor race (colour litho)
A child kidnapped by gypsies (colour litho)
First fight in the new French Chamber of Deputies (litho)
A tragic ending to a wedding (colour litho)
A singular escape (colour litho)
Great Britain and Japan about to carve up the Chinese cake, caricature from 'Le Petit Journal', 6 April, 1902 (colour litho)

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