Alcazar, Juan

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Alcazar, Juan
<p class="space">Juan Alcazar Mendez's work, like that of many other Mexican artists, is influenced by the cultural diversity of Mexico and its history of ongoing social revolution. In Juan's work, the theme of cultural integration of europe and indigenous Mexico recurs. Mythological beasts that appear in his work evoke both Greek mythology and spirits of the Nahual. Juan maximizes the tactile qulity of etching and lithography through the texture-like effects of tusche washes and aquatint grounds. His work gives the sense it can be touched, and conversely, through its multiculturalism, it touches the viewer.</p>

Assets (14 in total)

Noche de San Vicente, 2001 (aquatint)
Caminando con Las Miradas, 2001 (aquatint)
El Torque (aquatint)
Jaripeo, 2001 (aquatint)
Reverencia, 2000 (aquatint)
Sangre de Toro, 2001 (aquatint)
Ternura, 2001 (aquatint)
Vuelo Transparente, 2001 (aquatint)
La Ultima Corrida, 2001 (aquatint)
Magnetismo, 2000 (aquatint)
Banista del Sur, 2006 (aquatint)
Con Las Hojas de Tarabundi, 2007 (aquatint)

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