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Assets (20 in total)

Agatha Christie, The woman and her mysteries at Winterbrook House (photo)
Sir William Coldstream, 1963 (b/w photo)
British painter Sheila Fell, 1964 (b/w photo)
Barry Flanagan, 1974 (b/w photo)
Exhibition with 'The Herald of a New Day' (1934) by Leon Underwood (b/w photo)
Portrait of the British artist Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) painting “Crucifixion” 1958 (b/w photo)
Portrait of Maggie Hambling (b/w photo)
Leon Underwood, 1963 (b/w photo)
Maggi Hambling, 1994 (b/w photo)
Patrick Hughes (b/w photo)
Philip Sutton, 1967 (b/w photo)
Portrait of the English artist Lynn Chadwick, c.1950 (b/w photo)

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