Zwecker, J.B. (fl.c.1875)

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Zwecker, J.B. (fl.c.1875)

Assets (9 in total)

Head of the Chillingham Wild Bull, Shot by HRH the Prince of Wales (engraving)
Notes at the Zoological Gardens (engraving)
The Hippopotamus and her young one at the Zoological Gardens (engraving)
How I Found Livingstone, Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa, including Four Months' Residence with Dr Livingstone (engraving)
Head of
After Breakfast (engraving)
Zoological Eccentricities (engraving)
Deer on a Sunny Hill Side in the Highlands (engraving)
Dr Livingstone and Mr Stanley, receiving Newspapers in Central Africa (engraving)

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