Yorke, Vincent (Contemporary Artist)

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Yorke, Vincent (Contemporary Artist)
Vincent Yorke attended the Slade School of Art, London from 1962-1966. He has had various minor solo shows and took part in a few mixed exhibitions, mainly in Brussels. He was artist in residence at Eton College from 1978 to 1980. He moved to Gloucestershire in 1981 and became more preoccupied by portraiture receiving many successful private commissions.<br> <br> Vincent Yorke is still compelled to find the sense of ‘Presence’ of a person or people in portraits, believing that this elusive quality of ‘Presence’ is the true purpose of painting. This comment might equally be applied to his still life painting though with a very different emphasis.<br>

Assets (7 in total)

Cabbage Still Life, 2000 (oil on canvas)
Lord and Lady Boyd and their Grandchildren, 2001 (oil on canvas)
FCY, 1998 (oil on canvas)
Christchurch Hill, 1996 (oil on canvas)
Donald Scott, 2002 (oil on canvas)
Mr Justice Moses with his Clerk John Furey, 2000 (oil on canvas)
Sheep Skulls, 2001 (oil on board)

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