Zuccari, or Zuccaro, Federico (1540-1609)

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Zuccari, or Zuccaro, Federico (1540-1609)

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View of Zuccari Palace by architect Federico Zuccari (1540-1609) 1590-1598 (View of the palace Zuccari built by Federico Zuccari, 1590-1598) Rome, Italy
Portrait of Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola
The Calumny of Apelles, 1572 (pen & brown ink & wash on paper)
Perseus Rescuing Andromeda (red chalk on paper)
Detail of the cupola of the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence c 1575 representing the devils and Hell
Marriage of the Virgin, 1542 - 1609 (fresco)
Frederick Barbarossa (c.1123-90) Pays Public Homage to Pope Alexander III (1105-81) in March 1177 (oil on canvas)
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, c.1586 (oil on panel)
The architect Vignola (known as Le Vignole). Piece of the exploits of Hercules, Palais Farnese, Caprarola (Italy), 1559-1575. Renaissance painting by Federico Zuccari.
Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh (1554 - 1618). Painting attributed to Federico Zuccaro (or Zuccari) (1549 - 1609). 1588. London, National Portrait Gallery.
Pope Gregory VII (b.1020) absolving Emperor Henry IV (1050-1106) (fresco) (b/w photo)
Michelangelo on horseback, visiting an artist (pen & ink on paper) (b/w photo)

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