Wouwermans or Wouwerman, Philips (1619-68)

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Wouwermans or Wouwerman, Philips (1619-68)

Assets (70 in total)

A Hawking Party (oil on canvas)
Travellers with packhorses and wagons near a wooden bridge, c.1655 (oil on canvas)
A View of Mount Calvary with the Crucifixion, 1652 (oil on canvas)
A mare and a stallion in front of a house (oil on panel)
Soldiers carousing with a serving woman outside a tent (oil on panel)
Landscape with a gentleman on horseback fording a stream (oil on panel)
A cavalry skirmish, early 1640s (oil on panel)
The Stable of a Dilapidated House, c.1640 (oil on panel)
Departure of the Cavalrymen (oil on canvas)
Sheltering from the Storm: a Stable with Travellers Resting on their Mounts
Landscape with a grey horse and figures by the wayside, c.1644-46 (oil on panel)
Travellers and Beggars by a ruined hut

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