Zulu, (19th century)

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Zulu, (19th century)
South African

Assets (14 in total)

Snuff Spoon/Comb, late 1800s (bone)
Staff with a carved figure (wood)
Pipe (wood)
Zulu ishilunga, 1879 (cowhide)
Wire-bound knobkerrie (wood)
Headrest (wood)
Snuff Spoon, late 1800s (bone)
Assegai recovered from the vicinity of the Prince Imperial’s body, 1 June 1879
Walking stick of Cetshwayo, King of the Zulus, 1874 circa (wood)
Zulu spear or assegai, South Africa, 1879 circa
Zulu ishilunga, 1879 (cowhide)
Double headrest (wood)

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