Zuccari or Zuccaro, Federico (1540-1609) (after)

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Zuccari or Zuccaro, Federico (1540-1609) (after)

Assets (7 in total)

Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (engraving)
Portrait said to be Mary Queen of Scots (oil on canvas)
Emperor Henri IV (1050-1106) at the feet of Pope Gregory VII (1020-85) engraved by Nicolas Le Sueur (1691-1764) (engraving)
Saint Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel (1557- 95) (engraving)
Queen Elizabeth I (coloured engraving)
Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh (1554 - 1618), English navigator, courtier, and writer. Engraving after a painting attributed to Federico Zuccaro (or Zuccari) (1549 - 1609) of 1588.
King James I of England and VI of Scotland as a boy, from 'James I and VI', printed by Manzi Joyant & Co. Paris, 1904 (collotype)

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