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Wyndham Lewis (b/w photo)
Honor Tracy, April 1954 (b/w photo)
Colonel Oreste Pinto (b/w photo)
Ken Tynan (b/w photo)
Walter Allen, July 1955 (b/w photo)
Nigel Balchin, September 1953 (b/w photo)
'An Aristocrat' Atama Paprangi, Chieftain of the Te Rarawa Tribe (oil on canvas)
Portrait of Christian Ohlsen, illustration from 'The second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin...', 1856 (engraving)
English soldier in gas mask, 1915 (b/w photo)
China: French medal for the China Campaign of 1861 (2nd Opium War); the Chinese reads 'Beijing'.
Cambodia: Rainbow over Angkor Wat
Burmese Air Force staff join demonstrations against the government, 1988 (b/w photo)

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