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For the last four years, Gary Cruz has been making abstract painterly images using a variety of digital methods and processes. This past year, he has been taking conventional photographs, digitally distorting and animating them, and turning them into abstract kaleidoscope videos. It is from these videos that these new images, have emerged. These new images are at, what he calls, the “Center of Seeing”. Cropped closeups of a moment in time and space from the very center of the kaleidoscope video. Each video can reveal hundreds of images. These discovered images contain circle, star, or other primal geometric shapes – some resembling x-rays, or rorshachs of a new interior space. Spiritual, psychological, with an emanating quality of light, they are vaguely familiar yet new. The artist is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Grant. His first solo show was at White Columns, New York City in 2003. His last solo show “I’ll Take you There” was at the Olympia Project, Bushwick, in 2020. His studio is located in the Flower District in Manhattan.

Assets (995919 in total)

Embroidered hanging 'Coming of Age', Chinese, 18th century
Seal from Charter granted to the Hudson Bay Company by Charles II, 1670 (wax)
Facon de Venise dragon-stemmed goblet, 17th century
Interior of the Venetian Drawing Room, Carlton Towers, Yorkshire (photo)
Interior of the Bath House, Corsham Court, Wiltshire (photo)
HMS Victory (photo)
Sofa painted in white and gold, similar to designs by William Kent, c.1735 (beechwood)
Adam style settee, c.1780 (giltwood)
George III commode (black and gold lacquer)
Queen Anne giltwood pierglass
Claudius Popelin, Napoleon III enamels
`By the Dawn's Early Light', Poster Pub. by the French Press and Information Service, 1945 (colour litho)

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