Abildgaard, Nicolai Abraham (1743-1809)

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Abildgaard, Nicolai Abraham (1743-1809)

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The Spirit of Culmin Appears to his Mother, from the Songs of Ossian (oil on canvas)
Scenes from 'Niels Klim's Subterranean Journey' by Baron Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754) (oil on canvas)
The Wounded Philoctetes, 1776 (oil on canvas)
L'esprit de Culmin apparait a sa mere, extrait des chants d'Ossian - The Spirit of Culmin Appears to his Mother. From the Songs of Ossian, by Abildgaard, Nicolai Abraham (1743-1809). Oil on canvas, ca 1794. Dimension : 63x78 cm. Nationalmuseum Stockholm

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