Abbati, Giuseppe (1836-1868)

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Abbati, Giuseppe (1836-1868)

Assets (9 in total)

The Window (oil on canvas)
The Cloister (oil on canvas)
The prayer, 1865 (oil on canvas)
The Cemetary at Pisa (oil on canvas)
Cemetery of Pisa (Il camposanto di Pisa), by Giuseppe Abbati, 1864, 19th century (oil on canvas) 41 x 62 cm
The riverbanks of Arno (near Florence), 19th century (oil on canvas)
Interior of the Sacristy with Monks (Interno di sagrestia con monaci), by Giuseppe Abbati, 1865, 19th Century, oil on canvas, 74 x 59 cm
Portrait of a man, part of a triptych, 1860-68
Cloister of the church of Santa Croce

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