Yeats, Jack Butler (1871-1957)

Creator details

Yeats, Jack Butler (1871-1957)

Assets (58 in total)

The Fool Chase, 1942 (oil on canvas)
Empty Creels, 1913 (oil on panel)
What Will It Be? (oil on board)
The Flapping Meeting, 1926 (oil on canvas)
Autumn, 1944 (oil on canvas)
Bringing Home the Kelp,  (pen and black ink and watercolour)
The Light of Towns, 1947 (oil on canvas)
Sketches in the Metropolitan Cattle-Market, Caledonian Road, Holloway (engraving)
An Old Stone in a Field, 1952 (oil on board)
Self-Portrait, c.1927 (pen & ink on paper)
The Swinford Funeral, 1918 (oil on fabric)
The Maggie Man, 1912 (oil on panel)

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