Zucchi, Antonio (1726-95)

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Zucchi, Antonio (1726-95)

Assets (60 in total)

Fete Champetre at The Oaks, near Epsom: The Supper Room (oil on canvas) (see 204108)
Fete Champetre at The Oaks, near Epsom: The Ballroom (oil on canvas) (204107)
Aristippus and his Companions after being Shipwrecked seeing Mathematical Diagrams and realising the Land was inhabited
A Ruined Temple and Fountain with Musicians
Girls dancing amid Classical Ruins
Procession of Classical Figures with Donkey and Tambourine
Daphnis giving an Apple to Chloe
Philetus explaining Love to Daphnis and Chloe
Capriccio with the Ruins of a Triumphal Arch and a Bridge
A Putto being woken from Sleep
Possibly Cupid preparing Venus for an Amorous Encounter with Mars
Putto with Personification of Chemistry

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