Abramov, Mark (1913-94)

Creator details

Abramov, Mark (1913-94)

Assets (41 in total)

No to War, 1973 (colour litho)
Let Us Work Hard, to Achieve Plenty of All!, 1971 (colour litho)
Weighty Results, 1964 (colour litho)
Prophylaxis. You Are all Busy at Work - Also Look after yourself!, 1964 (colour litho)
What is the Head of the British Lion Doing ?, 1978 (colour litho)
NATO. A Dangerous Ride, 1978 (colour litho)
NATO/ Allow Me the Invite You for a Dance!, 1978 (colour litho)
The Monopolists are Warming their Hands, 1978 (colour litho)
Grain Means Bread and Feeding Stuffs. More Grain in the Corn Bins!, 1971 (colour litho)
Apparently They Are BuildingÂ…..  They Built Larger than Life!, 1964 (colour litho)
Clear the Road! No Way Past Him - Time to Unblock the Road!, 1964 (colour litho)
In A-Heaven, 1978 (colour litho)

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