Zhao, Yoyo (Bridgeman Studio)

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Zhao, Yoyo
Born from an egg that came out of the 'mountain of flowers and fruits', flies across madagascar, drifts away through the ocean into london. *sound of an egg cracking* These are my doodles. I am Yoyo the Ricecorpse a.k.a 木匣子与圆脸兔

Assets (22 in total)

Wishing on the stars, 2013 (digital)
Mouldy city, 2013 (digital)
On the platform, 2012 (digital)
Prey, 2012 ( mix media)
Jelly fish, 2013 (mix media)
To the moon, 2013 (digital)
Universe, 2012 (digital)
Rose garden, 2014 (mix media)
April Shower, 2012 (mix media)
Portal, 2013 (digital)
Those Boots , 2014 (mix media)
Beginning, 2013, (mix media)

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