Yoshifuji, Utagawa (1828-1887)

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Yoshifuji, Utagawa (1828-1887)

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Japan: The Obake monster bites off a woman's hair, 1868
Shinshu Kawanakajima Og[K?]Assen, the Great Battle at Kawanakajima in Shinshu. [Between 1844 and 1848], 1 Print (4 Sheets) : Woodcut, Color ; 35 X 24.1  (Left Panel), 34.3 X 24  (Center Left Panel), 34.4 X 23.8  (Center Right Panel), 35.1 X 24.5  (Right Panel), Print Shows Battle Scene (Probably from the 4th Battle in 1561) on the Plains at the Chikuma River.
The Cat Demon on the Tokaido road (Tokaido neko no sei), c.1850 (woodblock print)
Kite Designs (Oban), 19th century (woodblock print)
Ito Zukuri, Pulling Silk Thread. [Between 1748 and 1754], 1 Print : Woodcut, Color ; 37.8 X 25.7 ., Print Shows Two Women Preparing Silk Thread.
An American family out for a stroll at Yokohama, 1861 (woodblock print)
Courtesan, 19th century (woodblock print)
Kodomo Gyoretsu to Fujin, a Lady and a Children's Procession. [Between 1845 and 1854], 1 Print : Woodcut, Color ; 34.6 X 25.9 ., Print Shows a Woman, Full-Length, Standing with Two Dogs, Facing Left, Wearing Geta, Apparently Dreaming of a Procession with Several Men Carrying Large Pots or Drums.
Cat composition, Japanese print by Yoshifugi

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