Yoshifuji, Utagawa (1828-1887)

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Yoshifuji, Utagawa (1828-1887)

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Shinshu Kawanakajima Og[K?]Assen, the Great Battle at Kawanakajima in Shinshu. [Between 1844 and 1848], 1 Print (4 Sheets) : Woodcut, Color ; 35 X 24.1  (Left Panel), 34.3 X 24  (Center Left Panel), 34.4 X 23.8  (Center Right Panel), 35.1 X 24.5  (Right Panel), Print Shows Battle Scene (Probably from the 4th Battle in 1561) on the Plains at the Chikuma River.
Japan: The Obake monster bites off a woman's hair, 1868
The Cat Demon on the Tokaido road (Tokaido neko no sei), c.1850 (woodblock print)
Kite Designs (Oban), 19th century (woodblock print)
Ito Zukuri, Pulling Silk Thread. [Between 1748 and 1754], 1 Print : Woodcut, Color ; 37.8 X 25.7 ., Print Shows Two Women Preparing Silk Thread.
An American family out for a stroll at Yokohama, 1861 (woodblock print)
Courtesan, 19th century (woodblock print)
Kodomo Gyoretsu to Fujin, a Lady and a Children's Procession. [Between 1845 and 1854], 1 Print : Woodcut, Color ; 34.6 X 25.9 ., Print Shows a Woman, Full-Length, Standing with Two Dogs, Facing Left, Wearing Geta, Apparently Dreaming of a Procession with Several Men Carrying Large Pots or Drums.

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