Yriarte, Charles (1832-98) (after)

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Yriarte, Charles (1832-98) (after)

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A Masonic baptism in the Lodge of Fraternal Friendship, Grand Orient de France, Paris, 1861 (engraving)
The War, Semendria, on the Danube (engraving)
Collecting the Tax for the Payment of the Spanish Indemnity at Mogador (engraving)
The War in the East, Montenegrin Cavalry at Cettigne (engraving)
The War in the East, Belgrade, from the Market-Place (engraving)
Charity FĂȘte at the Masonic Lodge of Persevering Friendship, Grand Orient of France, Paris, 1862 (engraving)
The War in the East (engraving)
The War in the East, Servian Sketches (engraving)

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