Wedgwood, Josiah and Sons Factory (1759-present)

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Wedgwood, Josiah and Sons Factory (1759-present)

Assets (12 in total)

Vase, c. 1780-1820 (unglazed stoneware)
Hexagonal umbrella stand, 1888 (majolica argenta ware)
Teapot stand, c.1878-1902 (glazed earthenware)
Miniature Tray, Teapot and Lid (stoneware)
Jelly Mold Core, c. 1790-1810 (lead-glazed earthenware with overglaze enamel)
Pitcher, 1874 (lead-glazed earthenware)
Lemonade Jug with Eric Ravilious 'Garden Implements' Design,
Egyptian Style Teapot, c.1850 (stoneware)
Two Wedgwood Creamware Baluster Vases, c.1767 (creamware with traces of gilding)
Pair of Lusters, c. 1800-1815 (stoneware, gilded brass, and lead glass)
Ewer, 1769-80 (glazed earthenware with gilding and stoneware)
Portland vase, c.1840-60 (basalt ware with white relief)

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