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Yoruba Culture

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Ibeji Figures (wood, beads, cowrie shells, fabric, pigment)
Stool Or Pedestal With Human Figure
Cylindrical human head, from Ife, 12th - 15th century (terracotta)
Hood Mask, 19th to mid-20th century (polychromed wood)
Ring depicting ritual sacrifice, 16th–18th century (cast copper alloy)
Agere Ifa (wood)
Apo Ifa (Beaded bag) (beads, leather, cloth)
Eiyepe, adire eleko (stencil-patterned cotton, indigo dye)
Twin Figure (ere ibeji) with Garment, 1940-1960 (wood, cowry shells, cotton cloth, sacrificial matter, plastic beads, nails, and traces of indigo)
Ceremonial Knife with scabbard (udamalore), Kingdom of Owo, Nigeria, late 19th century - early 20th century (ivory, iron, glass beads, brass bells, cotton cloth, wood and cane)
Oni, from Ife, 15th - 16th century (zinc brass)
Divination Board (opon Ifà), late 19th-early 20th century (wood and leather with cowrie shells)

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