Yoruba Culture, (20th century)

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Yoruba Culture, (20th century)

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Gelede mask, 20th century (wood) (see also 753307)
Headdress for Gelede (Igi), early/mid-20th century (wood & pigment)
Altar Pedestal With Female Figure (wood, pigment, fiber, leather, cowrie shells)
King'S Ceremonial Robe (photo)
Wrapper, 1970s (cotton & rayon)
Storage jar, Nigeria (pottery & pigment)
Staff (Oshe Shango), Nigeria, early 20th century (wood & pigment)
Wrapper (Adire), Nigeria, (cotton & indigo dye)
Helmet mask with equestrian figure, Efon-Alaye town, Nigeria, 1900-50 (wood and paint)
Woman'S Wrapper; Adire (photo)
Royal Ceremonial Wrapper (photo)
King'S Informal Crown (photo)

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