Wedig, Gotthardt von (1583-1641)

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Wedig, Gotthardt von (1583-1641)

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Crayfish on a pewter plate (oil on panel)
Still Life, c.1630-35 (oil on panel)
Still Life with Cheese, Fish and Jug, ca.1630-1640, by Gottfried von Wedig (1583-1641).
Still life by candlelight Painting by Gotthardt by Wedig (Gottfried Von Wedig) (1583-1641), 17th century. Dim. 0.50 X 0.36 m. Paris, Louvre Museum
Portrait of a Gentleman, aged twenty-five, three- quarter length, in a black doublet with turquoise and gold sleeves and a white ruff, by a draped table,  (oil on panel)

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