Meet the team

Bridgeman Education is supported by a team of professionals ready to help you get the most out of our platform. We are happy to introduce you to the key members of our team:


Wendy Zeiger 

Wendy is the Senior Account Manager for our New York office.  Wendy handles sales and research for our key accounts in educational or religious publishing as well as our clients who are product manufacturers and into producing stationery.  

Wendy help clients find the right images for their projects, help them with clearances or questions and then arrange the license when they are ready.

Wendy usually works in her remote office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but travels frequently to meet with clients or attend trade shows and conferences. 













Mai Pham

Mai is the Assistant Account Manager for our New York office. She received her B.A. from Grinnell College in French & Art History and spent a semester studying abroad in Nantes, France. 


Aside from working with educational institutions on the Bridgeman Education platform, Mai also handles sales and licensing for university presses, scholarly academics, and publishers.


Mai loves traveling, cooking, and green tea ice cream.   




Silvija Aurylaite

Silvija is the Account Executive for our London office. She works with universities, schools and colleges around the world to provide access to an exciting historical imagery collection. 

Working closely with librarians, e-resources managers and lecturers, Silvija helps to ensure that everyone in their educational institutions - students, researchers and professors - is equipped with a rich resource of visuals for presentations, classes and course works. 

Silvija’s previous experience includes working with promotion of historical digital collections to artists and designers for new creative uses.  She graduated in MA Comparative History, specializing in intellectual and urban history, from Central European University in Budapest. Her interests include spending time in quiet green spaces of big cities.

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